What we do...

Managed Investment Specialists.

Northern Road was established to provide investment management services, focussing on growing long term relationships with its clients through establishing bespoke private wholesale investment funds.  Northern Road prides itself in its high level of transparency, governance and regulatory compliance, coupled with detailed client reporting and Fund updates to ensure that our clients are never kept in the dark.

Managed Investment Trusts (MIT)

Northern Road, is a specialist provider of managed investment trusts, these have been the vehicle of choice especially for real estate investments, as they provide advantages to both domestic and overseas investors. These benefits include reduced concessional withholding tax rates, for non-residents who are domiciled in a country with which Australia has an exchange of information agreement. Other Tax considerations, include the ability to hold assets on capital account ensuring assets are taxed under Australian Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime, accessing reduced rates after assets have been held as an investment for over twelve months.

Bespoke offering

Northern Road works closely matching product supply with its clients, to ensure that like minded individuals can gain access to private investment funds. Northern Road, also works with clients who wish to establish there own structures to meet their investment needs.