investment management

"Providing strategic business plans, budgets, forecasts and variance analysis where required. Operational reporting is detailed and well structured providing the board with confidence in the day to day management and controls of the business." Peter Barnes


Investment management.

Northern Road, is an Independent Funds Management business which focusses on providing Real Estate Investment Management Solutions under the Australian Financial Services Licence No.454666 issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
Our focus is delivering private investment vehicles for its wholesale clients, as well as structuring bespoke funds directly for property developers, owners, foreign investors and small groups of like minded private high net worth individuals.
The investment management process can be split in to four key areas:
Locate, transact  and establish
Northern Road, works closely with its clients, who consist of both domestic and international investors, developers and property portfolio owners. We match supply with demand in finding the right investment opportunity to match the investment guidelines provided by the client.
We operate independently so as to be able to provide the best investment opportunity without the pressures of associated corporate entities.
Once and investment has been determined we carry out a detailed due diligence program in a view to limit the transaction risk, as well as to provide accurate investment modelling bases on a ground up approach. Northern Road works with its clients to establish the best structure to meet their investment parameters.
Operate, manage and deliver
Once the Fund has been established and the acquisition settled Northern Road commences its Operation and Management Phase which are discussed in more detail in the next section. The Manager determines the Investment Strategy as detailed in the Information Memorandum and then tracks the performance of the asset in line with this strategy. Identifying any value add opportunities along the way, which can be agreed upon under the managers agreed delegation, or via unitholder approval.
Report, account and compliance
Equally as important as the operational management and investment strategy, is the ongoing reporting and compliance of the Fund to ensure it meets its regulatory obligations. These services are detailed in the Client reporting services section of the website
Divest, return or re-invest
Northern Road continually reviews the investment market, and the comparable data available to benchmark the performance of the asset. Once the Investment Strategy has been realised, the Manager will advise its unitholders of the disposal strategy and return of investment monies to its clients.
Within diversified portfolios the manager will return capital as well as redeploy funds to reinvest in other assets that meet the investment criteria, as outlined in the Information Memorandum.